Hello! I am Manu, a graphic designer, illustrator and lover of the daily little things.


Born in Málaga, now based in Madrid.


Since I can remember I have been fascinated by art, always looking for new ways to experience it. In fact, for me it was always a hobby and I never thought that it would also be my job.


I was never a great student but good enough to get to university, where I decided to study marketing (remember that design was a hobby for me). This thought changed during the degree, where I realized that I could turn art into my job and join it to marketing, which I am also passionate about.


Since then I became the best student, I have never stopped learning and improving what I do, because I love my job.


BIANDSI represents my way of working, “B” and “C”, which means break and create. Breaking the original idea and creating it from zero keeping the essence.


When I am not designing I am probably dancing (breakdance or swing), listening to good music and enjoying TV series, videogames and especially good food.


If you would like to know me better or have any questions, do not hesitate to write me at manu@biandsi.com